Our Members – Qualifiers

Unfortunately we can only take on
a limited number of members at one time.
As a result we choose to work only
with people we like, trust and respect.

Because life is too short to work with anyone who we don’t like, who we can’t trust or who we don’t respect.

Our members are:

  1. Companies with at least $1 million in EBITDA or 
    $5 million in revenue.
  2. Companies that are already good and have the potential to be great.
  3. People we like, trust and respect. At the same time, we strive always to be likeable, trustworthy and respectful. 
  4. People who are prepared to change and introduce change to their business. Without change, we’re just wasting each other’s time.
  5. People who are open to coaching. Not everyone is. Ours is a collaborative process and “feedback is the breakfast of champions.”
  6. People who are comfortable paying for advice and coaching that moves them forward, helping them to reach their goals.
  7. Companies that are in a stable or growing market.

Let’s get started together.

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