The Fear of the Dreaded Phone Call

“What motivated you to sell your business when you did?” I asked. “You’ll understand this when I say it.” He replied. “The fear of the dreaded phone call….The factory blew up. Someone was killed or maimed by some of the dangerous equipment we run. The president quit. The employees are unionizing. You know. Those thingsContinue reading “The Fear of the Dreaded Phone Call”

Don’t Walk Away From Your Business

Kurt (not his real name) has a problem that is so common it’s scary. He’s in his mid-fifties and he’s burnt out. His company is barely paying him a salary, never mind a return on his investment. His perception of the value of his business is so low that he wouldn’t even give it awayContinue reading “Don’t Walk Away From Your Business”

Transition Requires Change

Succession Suppose you are ready to change. You’re prepared to begin the process of transitioning your your business, roles and obligations. You’re ready to commit to a process that will enable you to exit your business in a thoughtful, planned way. How do you make it happen? John Kotter, one of the foremost authorities onContinue reading “Transition Requires Change”

Who’s Accountable for Selling Your Business?

Gord was finally ready to sell his business. He’d had enough. He was 63 years old and he felt time ticking away. Not only had his children grown up while he was working, but now his grandchildren were also missing his attention. The truth was, Gord was exhausted. By the time he finished his normalContinue reading “Who’s Accountable for Selling Your Business?”

Getting Your Business Ready for Sale

What’s your Strategy?by Wayne Vanwyck Like most entrepreneurs, John is heavily invested in his own business. He also invested, for diversity, in the stock market and, it’s no surprise, he is not too happy with the performance of those stocks. While he doesn’t have any control over the market in general, John can have aContinue reading “Getting Your Business Ready for Sale”